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Learn the effects of specialization and interdependence of people.

This worksheet includes several FutureFit Extension Activities that highlight 21st Century skills like critical thinking and self-awareness. These FutureFit Extension Activities are designed to reinforce the concepts included in the worksheet activity while integrating real-world skills. They can be used as in-class independent practice or group activities, or assigned for take-home or independent work.

FutureFit Extension Activities


After the activities in this worksheet are completed, have students imagine what life would be life if these key community workers did not exist. Have a class discussion talking about their feelings and beliefs about this topic.


Have students research when these jobs were created and why. Once they are done, have them share their findings with the class.

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Full-Color Social Studies Literacy Activities
Full-Color Social Studies Literacy Activities
Teacher Created Resources
This book provides hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities to sharpen social science concepts and skills that are easy to implement and require little or no preparation.
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