Organizer Labels and Decorations Classroom Kit

Organizer Labels and Decorations Classroom Kit
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30+ pages of colorful, editable themed organizer labels for student desks, trays, drawers, cubbies, bins, centers, coat hooks, and more. Print and use as-is, or easily customize the editable PDFs to personalize your classroom decoration!

What's Included In This Classroom Kit

  • Colorful themed printable labels for students desks, bins, drawers, trays, or centers
  • Editable and customizable with names, contents, locations, etc.
  • Matching themed labels for coat hooks, cubbies, backpack pegs, and book bins
  • Bright and vibrant in full color eye-catching and whimsical designs
  • Black and white designs that can be colored and customized by students, if desired
  • Easy to downloaded and print as a PDF
  • Prints in 8.5" x 11" portrait or landscape for easy copying

Labels Featured In This Classroom Kit

  • Desk, Tray, Drawer, Bin Labels: Great for personalizing and labeling spaces - student desks, assignment trays, materials drawers, supplies bins, center supplies or materials
  • Coat Hook, Cubby, Backpack Pegs, Book Bin Labels: Matching themes for decorating the student spaces in your classroom - storage areas, personal spaces, and common areas
  • Full-Color Labels: Bright, colorful, eye-catching and high-visibility color labels
  • Black and White "Design Your Own" Labels: Turn decorating your class into a unique activity - students can color and decorate their own black and white labels

How to Use These Organizer Labels

Use these printable, editable, customizable labels to:
  • Make your classroom a welcome, fun, and inviting space for back-to-school, change of season, new classroom setup, etc.
  • Decorate your classroom with bright, colorful, themed labels in all high-traffic and high-use spaces
  • Personalize student spaces like desks, trays, bins, cubbies, coat hooks, book bins, supply stations, etc.
  • Make sure that common areas are clearly and easily marked - centers, supply stations, whiteboard and circle locations, bookshelves, and more
  • Customize for use in special applications - weather watcher, daily helpers, lunch tickets, student awards, stations, assignment trays or pockets, and more
  • Encourage students to get to know one another by clearly marking names on desks, hooks, cubbies, etc.

Decorating your classroom with colorful themed labels is a great way not only to personalize and organize it, but also a great way to enhance classroom management.

How to Enhance Classroom Management with These Labels

  • Labels make it easy for students to identify personal and common spaces, cutting down on clutter and mess
  • Clearly labeling common areas such as supply bins, stations, centers, and shelves decreases the number of requests for assistance from students
  • Personalized spaces give students a sense of ownership of their "piece" of the classroom
  • Labeling helps improve transition times - materials being properly and quickly returned to marked spaces decreases time spent transitioning between subjects or class periods

How to Use these Labels for Classroom Organization

  • Label student and common areas with names, descriptions, materials, subjects, or even short directions
  • Use the different themes to match similar areas - for example, reading centers and book bins or bookshelves, desks and cubbies, etc.
  • Distinguish between different types of supplies with different themes or types of labels
  • Customize for special applications - daily helpers, assignment folders, tech supplies, lunch tickets, or whiteboard categories (i.e. weather, time, date, etc.)
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