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This slideshow gives you a sneak peek inside our printable book "Chemical Interactions (6-10)." Students will conduct hands-on experiments and activities in order to improve chemistry skills. This slideshow is just a sampling of all you can find in the printable book!
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Updated on: October 9, 2008
Students create a poster that uses words and pictures to present basic information about matter. Assesses their understanding of basic concepts related to matter: characteristic properties, physical and chemical changes, mixtures and pure substances, and atoms. Scoring rubric and background notes included.
Students create a graph of volume versus temperature for a gas. Assesses their understanding of gas behavior and line graphs. Scoring rubric and background notes included.
Students create a "family album" for three families of the periodic table. Assesses their understanding of the periodic table, as well as the properties and characteristics of chemical families and individual elements. Scoring rubric and background notes included.
Students create models of six molecules, each containing six carbon atoms. Tests students' understanding of carbon-containing molecules and structural formulas. Scoring rubric and background notes included.
Students design an experiment to determine whether the chemical reaction that takes place as the iron in steel wool rusts to form iron oxide is exothermic or endothermic. Evaluates students' understanding of energy flow in chemical reactions. Scoring rubric and background notes included.
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