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Take a sneak peek inside our printable book, "Environmental Science (Grades 6-10)." Included are worksheets and activities that focus on endangered animals, waste, and treatment through estimation, identification, and evaluation. These resources are a great way to broaden your science curriculum. You'll find the perfect activity to celebrate America Recycles Day (November 15). This slideshow is just a sampling of all you can find in the printable book!
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Updated on: October 16, 2008
Students estimate the size of a brine shrimp population. Assesses their understanding of the sampling method, and their ability to problem-solve, apply concepts, measure, and calculate. Scoring rubric and background notes included.
Students identify three land biomes using average monthly temperatures and precipitation amounts. Assesses students' understanding of the temperature and precipitation characteristics of different land biomes, and their ability to graph, compare and contrast, interpret data, and apply concepts. Scoring rubric and background notes included.
Students evaluate changes in the numbers of endangered animal species in the U.S. between 1994 and 1996. Assesses students' understanding of the factors that cause extinction and the reasons why preserving biodiversity is important. Scoring rubric and background notes included.
Students classify common examples of solid wastes and identify disposal methods. Assesses students' understanding of concepts relating to recycling, composting, hazardous wastes, and sanitary and secure landfills. Scoring rubric and background notes included.
Students design a model to demonstrate the first stage of wastewater treatment in a sewage plant. Assesses their understanding of primary sewage treatment: the use of filters as the first stage. Scoring rubric and background notes included.
Students are asked to model lava with different thicknesses to determine how thickness affects flow rate. Assesses their understanding of how silica content affects lava's thickness, and how thickness affects lava's flow speed. Scoring rubric and background notes included.
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