Our Favorite Christmas Activities for Middle School

From choice boards to classroom decorating to festive quizzes, there's something for every student in this list of Christmas activities for middle school.
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Our Favorite Christmas Activities for Middle School

As the winter break approaches, students may have a harder time concentrating in class. These Christmas activities for middle school will help your students get into the holiday spirit while having fun in class!

1. Christmas Card Exchange

This activity encourages creativity and friendship. Break out the construction paper, markers, and glue! Students can make their own Christmas cards and exchange them with classmates.

This is a perfect idea for the last few days before winter break when kids may have a shorter attention span for learning new things.

Make sure to only have your class exchange Christmas cards if they are able to make one for every student.

2. Decorate the Classroom

Nothing says Christmas more than a festively decorated room. Students can help with decorating the classroom with Christmas-themed decorations. This not only brightens up the room but also builds teamwork and cooperation among the students.

See our list of creative DIY Christmas classroom door ideas to inspire you!

Our Favorite Christmas Activities for Middle School

3. Christmas Writing Activities

Writing activities are a creative and fun way to get ready for Christmas without abandoning your teaching.

Have students write their own Christmas-themed story, then swap it with a friend who can proofread it. This is a fun way to improve creativity and storytelling and to learn about peer review. Consider using TeacherVision’s PBL pack on narrative writing to build background knowledge of conflict in a story before this Christmas activity.

Alternatively, use this Holiday Poems lesson plan to have students write an acrostic poem from the name of a winter holiday: "Christmas," "Kwanzaa," or "Hanukkah."

4. Do a Christmas Quiz

Organize a Christmas-themed quiz for students. This could include questions about Christmas traditions, Christmas movies, and songs. This is a fun way to learn more about Christmas while also engaging in some friendly competition!

Make sure to have fun and festive rewards for the winner of the quiz.

5. Study a Christmas Book

Get into the holiday spirit with some reading comprehension.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is a great festive poem to read with elementary grades. Download the printable version of the text and choose from poetry, reading, writing, and even math activities to accompany the poem in our collection of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Resources!

Our Favorite Christmas Activities for Middle School - library book

6. Watch a Christmas Movie!

Before Christmas break, watching a Christmas movie in school can be a delightful activity. Choose a classic or family-friendly Christmas movie that aligns with the age and interests of your students. This not only gets students in the holiday spirit, but also provides an opportunity for discussion about themes and characters in the movie. It's a relaxing activity that brings joy and unity to the classroom, rounding off the term on a positive note.

7. Christmas Choice Boards

TeacherVision’s student-choice math activities for middle school students are perfect for the countdown to Christmas in your classroom!

They are great as extension or early-finisher activities, for use in a math center, or given as take-home independent practice work.

8. Christmas Around the World

A great way to incorporate learning into the holiday season is to study how Christmas is celebrated in different countries. Each student or group of students could be assigned a different country to research, and then they can present their findings to the class.

9. Learn About Other Winter Holidays

TeacherVision has extensive resources on Hanukkah and Kwanzaa! Teach your students about these other winter holidays and make everybody feel included.

Our Favorite Christmas Activities for Middle School - Hanukkah activities and crafts

10. Christmas Science Experiment

Add a fun twist to your science lessons with a Christmas-themed experiment.

One idea is to explore the concept of density by creating a “Christmas Magic Water” experiment. In this activity, students layer different colored liquids according to their densities to create a festive and educational display. They can use liquids like honey, dish soap, water, and rubbing alcohol, with each liquid assigned a different Christmas color. This activity not only teaches students about density but also encourages them to think critically and hypothesize about the outcomes.

Get in the Holiday Spirit! 

In conclusion, getting your students into the holiday spirit while maintaining a focus on learning can be a challenge. But with these Christmas activities for middle school, you can keep your students engaged and excited for the holiday season. Whether it's a Christmas card exchange, a festive quiz, or a holiday-themed science experiment, there's something for every student to enjoy. So, get creative, have fun, and let the holiday spirit fill your classroom this year!

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