20 Creative Classroom Door Ideas for Winter

Teaching in a winter wonderland!

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We turned to Pinterest to find the best winter-themed classroom door ideas out there, and we were not disappointed! These cute and creative ideas will take you through the holiday season and well into the new year.

1. Who wants to take a sELFie?


2. Oh, deer: winter is here!


3. Santa! I know him!


4. This one is a group project.


5. Because the holiday season has everyone feeling a little "fluffy."


6. The holidays are about celebrating what you love. Like coffee.


7. Let your inner caroler out.


8. Do you wanna build a snowman? (Yes.)


9. All aboard!


10. Why walk into winter when you can waddle?


11. Hey, it's the truth!


12. Here's one all your students can participate in making.


13. A Christmas movie classic!


14. Hoo-ray!


15. Just don't feed the reindeer.


16. What can we say? This is just really cute.


17. This door is Charlie Brown-approved!


18. Hey, his heart grew three sizes in the end!


19. This idea is out of this world.


20. Hey! Who's there?


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