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This printable worksheet on the benefits of making mistakes and persisting in the face of failure provides a template for teaching students how to "detect, reflect and correct" when they make mistakes. Reinforces the positive message that mistakes are natural, and that no one is perfect.

This resource is provided courtesy of Free Spirit Publishing, the leading publisher of positive, practical and pro-kid classroom materials for social-emotional learning, character education, gifted and talented learners, and special education.

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Teaching Strategies:

Excerpted from

Zach Makes Mistakes
Zach Makes Mistakes

Author: William Mulcahy

Illustrator: Darren McKee

For Zach, a class field trip to the museum is about more than cool exhibits—it’s about learning from mistakes and dealing with embarrassment. First he forgets to wear his field trip shirt, then he forgets the rule about not touching displays. His teacher helps him see that everyone makes mistakes—and how to use them to grow. Using an easy-to-remember tool, the Key to Mistakes, she shows Zach and readers a simple three-step process: Detect (find the reason for the mistake), Correct (fix the mistake if you can), and Reflect (think back about your mistake to find what you can learn from it). A short note is included to help teachers, parents, counselors, and other adults reinforce the book’s messages and practice the skills with their kids.

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