Cursive Handwriting Kit

Cursive Handwriting Kit
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A Complete Kit of Cursive Handwriting Activities, Worksheets, and Strategies for Early Elementary

Help your early elementary students master cursive handwriting with this complete kit of worksheets, activities, and teaching strategies. Ready-to-print pages will allow students to practice tracing, coloring, and writing all 26 letters from A to Z. These handwriting activities involve uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and translating print to cursive.

What's Included in this Cursive Handwriting Kit

For the Teacher

  • Information on teaching handwriting strategies
  • Advice for teaching cursive handwriting to early elementary students
  • No prep, ready-to-use, printable cursive handwriting worksheets.

For the Student

  • Engaging handwriting activities for the 26 letters in the alphabet: Trace It, Color It, Practice It, Connect It
  • Lowercase and uppercase matching pages
  • Silly poems for each letter of the alphabet
  • Practice writing print to cursive.

What You'll Find Inside

Introduction and Guidance (pages 3-4)

Letter Formation Practice Sheets (pages 5 - 56)

  • Lowercase Letter Formation: Ladder Letters
  • Lowercase Letter Formation: One-armed Robot Letters
  • Lowercase Letter Formation: Curly Caterpillar Letters
  • Lowercase Letter Formation: Zigzag Monster Letters
  • Uppercase Letter Formation

Matching Print to Cursive Handwriting Sheets (pages 57-64)

  • Lowercase Matching Print to Cursive
  • Uppercase Matching Print to Cursive

Word Practice Handwriting Sheets (pages 65-142)

  • Lowercase Word Practice
  • Uppercase Word Practice
  • Silly Poems Handwriting Practice

TeacherVision Cursive Handwriting Kit Sample

TeacherVision Cursive Handwriting Kit Sample

TeacherVision Cursive Handwriting Kit Sample

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