TeacherVision Talks: Meeting the Social-Emotional Needs of Your Students

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Meeting the Social-Emotional Needs of Students

with Katie Quick


Create comfort and support in your classroom. Anticipate and recognize the varied social-emotional needs of your students to craft calm and confidence each and every day, making your classroom a haven for learning and growing.

Katie Quick is a licensed professional counselor, former classroom teacher, social-emotional learning specialist, national speaker, and award-winning singer/songwriter. Katie is a highly sought-after SEL consultant and musician, and founder of The Fingertips Program, an SEL school assembly program. Learn more at KatieQuick.com

Differentiated Instruction Webinars for Teachers

The TeacherVision Talks Differentiation in the Classroom Series features on-demand webinars from education experts that aim to provide insights and innovative ideas for supporting students' academic, social, emotional, and environmental needs throughout the school year. 

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