TeacherVision Talks: Differentiation in the Classroom

Join us! The TeacherVision Talks Differentiation in the Classroom Series features on-demand webinars from education experts that aim to provide insights and innovative ideas for supporting students' academic, social, emotional, and environmental needs throughout the school year.

Read on to find out more about the 2-day event, and our expert speakers.

Day 1

Transforming Your Classroom and Meeting the Social-Emotional Needs of Your Students


Differentiation Makes a Difference and Teaching to a Variety of Learners

TeacherVision Talks: Differentiation in the Classroom Speakers

  • Ashley Valentine, MS, is a high school English teacher and instructional coach. Ashley has taught in New York State as a proud public educator since 2010. She has a  Bachelor of Science degree in Adolescent Education and a Master of Science in Education in Literacy Studies. Ashley is inspired by her work with students of all backgrounds, especially those with diverse learning needs and students whose first language is other than English.
  • Katie Quick,  MA, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor, former classroom teacher, social-emotional learning specialist, national speaker, and award-winning singer/songwriter with a Masters in Counseling from Northwestern University and nearly two decades in education. Katie is a highly sought-after SEL consultant and musician and is best known for aligning her music with her educational advocacy work. She is the founder of The Fingertips Program, an SEL school assembly program (which later became an all-school curriculum) combining live music and motivational speaking, inspiring kids and teens to find their passion and follow their dreams. Katie has a private coaching and counseling practice where she supports current, former, and transitioning educators, creatives, and big dreamers.
  • Alex Cohill, PBACC, is an Exceptional Children’s teacher, soccer coach, and aspiring children’s author. He has been teaching Special Education for ten years with the last six spent serving those with severe cognitive disabilities.  He has chaired his school’s intervention team and served at the district level for the Superintendent’s advisory council.  He specializes in phonics instruction, assessment tracking, and functional learning. 
  • Christina Biasiello, MS, is an educator with over 15 years of experience working with students from pre-K through to high school, with expertise in teaching students with exceptionalities, primarily those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


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