Lack of Motivation: An Interesting and Stimulating Classroom

To combat a lack of motivation in your classroom, remember that students don't always find interesting the things that interest you. Vary your teaching methods and find stimulating ways to present information to students.


When students have a lack of motivation in the classroom it can be really frustrating to a teacher, because you spend all this time planning your lesson. You're so excited! You're ready to go! And then you have students who are like "I don't care about this at all." So, one way to help think about this is to remember that just because you think your stuff is interesting . . . They might now. I honestly think I'm very interesting, but they have to listen to me all day. And I'm sure I get very monotone, and they just don't even want to hear me anymore.

So one way you can help combat this lack of motivation is to try to vary the way that you're teaching your students. Not always having it be a worksheet or not always having certain things be on the projector. Making sure they have opportunities for hands-on, interactive, collaborative, peer-based, productive learning.

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