5 Questions with Author N. Griffin

Candlewick Press children's author N Griffin answers 5 questions (plus one!) about the writing process, being creative, and the perfect readers for the Smashie McPerter books. (3:37)
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Excerpted from

Smashie McPerter and the Mystery of the Missing Goop
Smashie McPerter and the Mystery of the Missing Goop
Author: N. Griffin
Illustrator: Kate Hindley

When the third-graders of Room 11 learn that they all must take part in a musicale, Smashie can’t wait to sing something heartfelt and loud. But the others are not so eager. Luckily, Charlene’s mom has agreed to donate her special gel that lengthens and sculpts hair into shapes (from a musical note to a roller skate), and soon, with the help of some retro sixties go-go dancing, all the kids are raring to go. That is, until their jars of goop go missing! Who would steal their beloved Herr Goop, and why? Time for Smashie and her best friend, Dontel, to get out their Investigation Notebooks! Discussions of motives and perps, hasty mis-accusations and apology brownies, a math lesson used to crack a mysterious code, and more than a few choice red herrings build up to a truly hilarious madcap finale. Starring a quirky and relatable heroine, a level-headed sidekick, and an appealing group of good kids, this entertaining and lighthearted mystery may well have readers donning their own Investigator Suits.

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