Response: Pencil Grips

This article explains how adding pencil grips can be an effective assessment accommodation for students with fine motor skills. Try a variety of methods for your students with special needs.

Response: Pencil Grips

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Pencil grips are a simple accommodation that can help a student with fine motorproblems, hand shaking, tremors, or writing disabilities complete a task that requires a written response. Pencil grips are plastic or rubber, and are available invarious shapes and sizes. Typically, they are placed on standard pencils.

Allow students to practice with pencil grips before taking a test. Try out severaltypes and make sure students benefit from using the grips and feel comfortable withthem. Some students may benefit from using the pencil grips for all academic tasksthat require writing.


  1. Identify a student who may benefit from using a pencil grip.
  2. Select two orthree styles of pencil grips.
  3. Then, have the student try out each pencil grip for a dayor two and choose the one that is best.
  4. It is helpful to work out a routine for what to do with the grip when it is not in use.


Some students have difficulty keeping track of their pencils. Teachers may wish tohave a special "pencil container" on the student's desk to ensure that pencils withgrips always are available.

Excerpted from Assessment Accommodations Toolkit.

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