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In this children's book, a young immigrant attempts to adapt to the new world he has been thrust into. Our Teacher Discussion Guide for King of the Sky will aid your students in understanding the important aspects of the book. Discussion questions include topics such as the author's intentions, the character's feelings, and why illustrations appear as they do. The discussion guide will also enhance students' understanding of literary techniques and vocabulary.
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Excerpted from

King of the Sky
King of the Sky
Author: Nicola Davies
Illustrator: Laura Carlin

A young Italian boy has moved to the Welsh hills with his family. He feels isolated and unhappy, a stranger in a strange land. It is only when he makes an unlikely friend, an old man who lets him fly one of his pigeons in a race, that he learns how he can belong. Nicola Davies’s beautiful story — an immigrant’s tale with powerful resonance in our troubled times — is illustrated by an artist who makes the world anew with every picture.

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