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    Sydney Opera House Quiz

    See how much your students know about the Sydney Opera House – one of ... read more


    Lighthouses of Australia

    After reading about the history of lighthouses in Australia, students will ... read more


    World Heritage Sites in Australia

    Develop geography skills and cultural knowledge of Australia with this acti... read more


    Modern London Landmarks

    Research major modern London landmarks, such as the Millennium Bridge and t... read more


    Historic London Landmarks

    Research major London landmarks, such as Big Ben and the Tower of London, a... read more


    Hadrian's Wall

    Fill in the gaps with the words that best complete a paragraph about Empero... read more


    Longest Street in the World

    Connect social studies and math with this measurement activity. After readi... read more


    World Heritage Sites in Canada

    Develop geography skills and cultural knowledge with this activity about Wo... read more


    Lighthouses FAQ

    Read this article to learn about the history of lighthouses in North Americ... read more


    World's Tallest Towers

    This table lists the name, city, year, and height of the world's tallest to... read more

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    Landmarks of Washington, D.C.

    Washington, D.C., is the capital of the United States and home to many of t... read more

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    Houston Landmarks

    Home to over 2.2 million people, Houston is the nation's fourth-largest cit... read more

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    Landmarks of Boston

    Modern architecture and industry have flourished alongside the historical i... read more

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    A Tour of New Orleans

    New Orleans is a unique U.S. city bursting with rhythm and tradition. Altho... read more

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    San Francisco Landmarks

    Known for its hilly streets lined with colorful houses and cable cars, San ... read more


    Teacher's Guide for Lady Liberty

    Deepen students' appreciation for the history behind famous landmarks and m... read more


    Ben's Dream Teacher's Guide

    Bring geography to life with this printable teacher's guide to Ben's Dream,... read more


    Maya Lin

    Share the story of Maya Lin, and assign the related activities to help stud... read more


    The Mount Rushmore Story

    Students read an overview of the creation of the Mount Rushmore sculpture, ... read more


    Monumental Bingo

    This variation of bingo teaches about important buildings, statues, and mon... read more


    The Liberty Bell

    Distribute a printable social studies activity that focuses on patriotic sy... read more

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