Invent a Sport


  • Students will learn the critical elements of sports activities.
  • Students will develop motor-skills.


  • Several sets of dice
  • Equipment for chosen sport


  1. After the class has studied several different sports, create a chart inwhich the students identify the 5-6 elements common to all sports.
    • Brainstorm the possible elements.
    • Vote to select the top 5-6 elements.
  2. Construct a chart of 5-6 columns and label each column with one ofthe identified elements.
  3. As a class, brainstorm up to 10 specific examples of each element.For instance, if one of the elements is "having a goal," then list thetypes of goals used in different sports under that heading.
  4. Numbereach example or item.
  5. Repeat this process for each column until thechart is full.


    # Goal Equipment Scoring
    1 Basket Basketball 2 Points
    2 Touchdown Football 6 Points
    3 Run Baseball and Bat 1 Point

  6. Use a pair of dice to roll a number for each column. If a numbergreater than the number of examples in a column occurs, reroll.
  7. Ineach column, circle the item according to the number rolled.
  8. Continueuntil I item is circled in each column.
  9. Combine all of the circled items to provide the elements for a newsport.
  10. Use these elements to devise the rules, regulations, procedures,and equipment necessary for the new sport.
  11. Name the sport and set up a game or tournament with the class.
  12. Be sure students understand and use safety precautions.
  13. Adjust the sport to include participation by all students.


  1. Demonstrate the use of the chart to the class. Then arrange studentsin small groups and invite each group to devise a new sport.
  2. Restructure the new sport (e.g., individual, noncompetitive, etc.).
  3. Use the chart and dice to invent a board game.

Excerpt from Active Learning Handbook.

Students create a new game using knowledge they have about other sports.
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