Childhood Obesity Awareness & Prevention

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Good Enough to Eat Activity Guide

Keep children involved in learning about nutrition with these activities fo... read more


Poetry is Sporty

After being inspired by reading Change Up: Baseball Poems, a book filled wi... read more

Literature Guide

Twinkie, Deconstructed Teacher's Guide

Explore the modern food industry, the history of food processing, and the r... read more

Literature Guide

The Omnivore's Dilemma Teacher's Guide

Get a fresh perspective on what we eat with this teacher's guide to Michael... read more

Literature Guide

Looks Discussion Guide

Engage students in a thoughtful discussion about physical appearance, socia... read more


School Lunch Choices Reading Warm-Up

Are your students aware of the controversial issues in education? Keep them... read more


Chew on This Teacher's Guide

Engage your students' interest in their health and well-being with the inte... read more


Larger-Than-Life Lara Discussion Guide

Explore the sensitive issues of teasing and obesity with your class as you ... read more


Childhood Obesity Reading Warm-Up

Inform your students about the dangers of childhood obesity while improving... read more


Make a Healthy Lunch

Students plan a lunch using foods from each group of the Food Guide Pyramid... read more


Activities for Food Rules!

Explore teaching activities to be used with Food Rules! The Stuff You Munch... read more


Bob's Lunch Box

A fun activity for students to learn about healthy food choices.... read more


Thought for Food: A Nutrition Lesson

Learn about the science behind nutrition, and get the resources necessary t... read more


Class Garden

Create a class garden with this lesson plan. Your students will observe th... read more

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