The Power of the Press

Connect social studies and language arts with this writing prompt. Students will research slavery during the 1800s and write a newspaper article about it.

FutureFit Extension Activity

Create: Re-create a 19th-Century Newspaper

In this activity, students will recreate a 19th-century newspaper for their town.

Students will research the format and structure of newspaper articles from the 1800s. Here is a sample resource.

They will then choose a topic that was important to their town 200 years ago. Have students research and write a short piece, create an advertisement or draw a picture about the topic.

Once students have created their pieces, they will assemble them into a class newspaper that resembles one from the 1800s.

Get Real: Anti-Slavery Article

Students will research places where slavery exists today. Using a similar format to the 1800s article, students will create an article on their research to submit to a news magazine company.

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