Eat Your Science Homework Educator's Guide

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Put on your lab coat and get ready to experiment with YUM! This educator's guide for grades 3-5 science includes pre-reading activities, games, discussion questions...and plenty of easy to follow "recipes" for designing and performing simple science experiments. Perfect for use in class, at home, or in an after-school STEM program.
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Excerpted from

Eat Your Science Homework! by Ann McCallum
Eat Your Science Homework
Author: Ann McCallum
Illustrator: Leeza Hernandez

Want to understand atoms and molecules? There’s no better way than to make Atomic Popcorn Balls. Follow the recipe and arrange the “atoms” into “molecules” using toothpicks. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can create all the elements of the periodic table (if you don’t eat all the atoms first!). Studying black holes? Grab some friends, pour some milk, and talk gravity and supernovas over some tasty Black Hole Swallow-Ups. Black holes are a complicated concept, so if you need to do this experiment twice, no one will complain.

Simple recipes that yield delicious surprises, science samplers that further explain the scientific principle being explored, and a glossary of terms make Eat Your Science Homework a must for all kitchen labs.

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