Aspects of Personal Safety

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Aspects of Personal Security

Handout 3-2a

Physical Security - nourishment; clothing and shelter that provide protection from the elements; protection from disease; treatment for illness.

Safety Security - orderliness, protective rules, and consistent protection from physical harm, abuse, violence, and terror; the certainty that your basic needs will be met.

Emotional Security - a sense of belonging and being loved and cared for; feelings of acceptance from others; healthy interpersonal relationships with family, friends, adults, peers, and co-workers.

Developmental Security - access to education; the opportunity and freedom to learn, achieve, and contribute to society.

Cultural Security - affirmation of cultural identity, values, and traditions; respect for and legal protection of a person's ethnic, racial, religious, and gender identity; freedom to participate as full partners in society regardless of cultural identity.

Political Security - the degree of protection and safety that a government provides its citizens within a nation; protection from threats beyond a nation's borders; the quality and degree of citizens' rights and civic participation in decision-making.

Economic Security - access to training and the development of useful skills; access to jobs and wages which provide a decent standard of living; provision of benefits for the aged, the sick, the differently abled, and children.

Environmental Security - protection from environmental hazards and toxins; provisions for safe and clean air, water, and food supplies; provision of a safe, clean habitat.

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