Summer Math Practice Choice Board for Elementary Grades

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These mathematics summer skill sharpener activities for elementary students are perfect for a summer math camp, a summer math challenge, or for use in summer math school or summer math tutoring. This summer math packet includes a choice board of 9 skills-based summer math activities and a collection of complementary summer math worksheets.

Students can choose from skill sharpener activities like:

Estimation Stations

Gather some chalk and use a driveway, sidewalk, or blacktop surface. Draw a length of line, your choice. Make an estimate as to how many inches, feet, or even yards the line is. Then, use a ruler to find an actual measurement.

Time for a Picnic

Browse through old magazines, books, flyers, and ads. Cut out different items that you’d like to bring with you on a summer picnic. You only have $20 to spend. Be sure to estimate and label how much you think each item is that you clip and glue on a poster paper. Be sure to find your total, and also make change for your $20!

Summer Symmetry

Have a parent, friend or classmate draw half of a summer item (beachball, umbrella, surf board, etc.) using sidewalk chalk or a marker and paper. Try to apply what you know about symmetry to complete the other half. Switch roles!
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