Grade 3 Reading Skills Unit Plan & Printables

Grade 3 Reading Skills Unit Plan & Printables
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A 9-Week Unit Plan for Beginning of the Year Reading Skills for Grade 3

Start your year off with this fully guided 9-week unit of reading skills lesson plans, aligned with ELA Common Core State Standards for Grade 3. Each reading skills lesson plan contains day-by-day plans, activities to improve reading skills, read aloud suggestions, I Can statements, and guided and independent practice prompts. This easy to use reading skills kit will help any 3rd grade teacher begin the year right!

What's Included In This Unit Plan

For the teacher:
  • A complete back to school reading skills unit with 9 weeks' worth of lesson plans for Grade 3
  • Lesson plans include read aloud suggestions, engaging activities, whole group activities, guided and individual practice prompts, and a sharing activity
  • Ready-to-print activities to improve reading skills that correlate with each reading
  • Aligned with Common Core English Language Arts Standards for Grade 3
For the student
  • Creative teaching ideas to support students in developing their reading comprehension skills
  • Comprehension activities for 3rd grade - designed to be carried out independently, either as a whole class or in groups
  • Assessment sheet for monitoring and assessing students’ skills and knowledge for each unit

What You'll Find Inside

Week 1 – Beginning of the School Year Reading Activities (pages 3-10)

  • First Day of School Questions
  • Reading Survey
  • How to Treat Others Anchor Chart
  • My Wish List Scavenger Hunt
  • Book Review Prompts

Week 2 – Reading Assessments (pages 11-17)

  • Preparing for a Trip Reading Passage
  • “Right There” Questions
  • “Beyond the Text” Questions
  • Open-Ended Question
  • Running Records Form
  • Reading Goal-Setting

Week 3 – Questioning: Asking and Answering Questions (pages 18-22)

  • Before Reading Questions
  • Asking and Answering Questions

Week 4 – Making Predictions (pages 23-31)

  • Making Predictions Definition and Sentence Starters
  • Making Predictions Printable Chart
  • Predicting Events
  • Evaluating Predictions
  • Whole Group Predictions
  • Independent Predictions

Week 5 – Characters and Their Traits (pages 32-40)

  • Physical Characteristics Drawing Sheet
  • Character Traits List and Examples
  • Introducing Character Traits
  • Finding Character Traits
  • Character Change
  • Writing About Characters

Week 6 – Story Elements (pages 41-48)

  • Finding the Setting
  • What’s the Problem? Prompts
  • Story Events Fill-In
  • Story Solution Prompts
  • Story Map Printable

Week 7 – Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences (pages 49-57)

  • Making Inferences Passage
  • Making Inferences Worksheet
  • Making Inferences About the Setting
  • Making Inferences About the Problem
  • Making Inferences About the Characters
  • Independent Inferences Passage and Prompts

Week 8 – Summarizing (pages 58-62)

  • Story Map Summarizer
  • Story Summary Printable Worksheet

Week 9 – Theme (pages 63-71)

  • Theme Definition and Examples
  • Common Themes Prompts
  • Finding the Theme
  • Whole Group Theme Practice Passage and Prompt
  • Independent Theme Practice Passage and Prompt

TeacherVision Reading Skills Unit Plan & Printables Sample

TeacherVision Reading Skills Unit Plan & Printables Sample

TeacherVision Reading Skills Unit Plan & Printables Sample

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