Cyclones Throughout History

Read about the various cyclones throughout history. The date of the storm, details of the occurrence, and the number of casualties are provided.
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1864 Oct. 5, Calcutta, India: 70,000 killed.
1899 March 4, Bathurst Bay, Australia: Cyclone Mahina, a Category 5 cyclone, destroyed Bathurst Bay and killed about 400.
1942 Oct. 16, Bengal, India: about 40,000 lives lost.
1960 Oct. 10, East Pakistan: cyclone and tidal wave killed about 6,000.
1963 May 28–29, East Pakistan: cyclone killed about 22,000 along coast.
1965 May 11–12 and June 1–2, East Pakistan: cyclones killed about 47,000.
Dec. 15, Karachi, Pakistan: about 10,000 killed.
1970 Nov. 12–13, East Pakistan: cyclone and tidal waves killed 200,000 and another 100,000 were reported missing.
1971 Sept. 29, Orissa state, India: cyclone and tidal wave killed as many as 10,000 off the Bay of Bengal.
1974 Dec. 25, Darwin, Australia: cyclone destroyed nearly the entire city; 50 reported dead.
1977 Nov. 19, Andhra Pradesh, India: cyclone and tidal wave claimed lives of 20,000.
1991 April 30, southeast Bangladesh: cyclone killed over 131,000 and left up to 9 million homeless. Thousands of survivors died from hunger and water-borne disease.
1999 Oct. 29, Orissa state, India: supercyclone swept in from Bay of Bengal, killing at least 9,573 and leaving over 10 million homeless.
2004 March 8, Antalaha, Madagascar: Cyclone Gafilo, with winds of 160 mph and heavy rains, leaves hundreds of thousands homeless and killed 295 people. More than 100 were on a ferry that sank off the island of Comoros.
2007 November 15, southern Bangladesh: Cyclone Sidr, with winds over 100 miles per hour, kills nearly 3,500 people in southern Bangladesh. The United Nations reports that a million people are left homeless.
2008 May 3, Myanmar: Cyclone Nargis hits the Irrawaddy Delta and the city of Yangon, killing at least 22,500 people— 41,000 more are still missing. Most of the deaths and destruction were caused by a 12-foot high tidal wave that formed during the storm.
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