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American Indians & Native Americans - Teacher Resources

Look below for lessons, activities, and printables on Native American life and culture. Use these resources to teach students of all ages about the colonization of America from a different perspective. You'll find great educational resources for Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month in November. There are also plenty of activities to use throughout the year for music, drama, art, and language arts.


Make Your Own Totem Pole
Tipi Pattern
Native American Picture Writing
Island of the Blue Dolphins Activities
The Navajo Code Talkers
The Trail of Tears
Indian Symbols and Meanings
More Popular Native American Printables

Lesson Plans

Stone Fox: A Collection of Lessons
Native American Music: Call-and-Response
Percussion Performance and Culture
The Wampanoag: A Thanksgiving Lesson
Describing Drum Beats in Native American Music
The First Thanksgiving - Pilgrim Study Unit (Lesson 5 of 7)
Thanksgiving: Multiple Perspectives
More Native American Lesson Plans


Early America Quiz
Native Americans Quiz
American Colonies Quiz
Anasazi and Plains Indians Quiz


Native American Instruments
Contemporary Native American Music
Indian Pudding
More Native American References

Language Arts Activities

Sign of the Beaver
Nonfiction Reading Warm-Up: Sacagawea Biography
Pedro's Journal Literature Guide
Native American Tribes Word Search
Native American Life
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Indian Sign Language Chart
More Popular Native American Language Arts Activities

Thanksgiving Activities

History of Thanksgiving – Videos & Activities
Sarah Morton's Day, Samuel Eaton's Day, & Tapenum's Day
A Thanksgiving Quilt
Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message
Native American Indian Crafts
A Not-So Traditional Thanksgiving
Wampanoag Thanksgiving Worksheet
More Thanksgiving – Teacher Resources

Native American Music Resources

Native American Musical Instruments
Native American Song: 0 Hal'Lwe
Teaching Native American Music
Native American Music and the Flute
Intertribal Style of Native American Music
Regional Music Styles of Native American Tribes
Native American Pronunciation Guide
More Native American Music Resources

Drama & Art Activities

Totem Pole
Make a God's Eye
Children of Native America Today Activities
Make a "Wooden" Mask
Longhouses, Canoes, and Totem Poles
Native American Powwow
More Native American Drama & Art Activities

Math Activities

Storing Food
Literature & Math: Stories About Time
Vitamin Math
Sandpainting Math
November Bulletin Board: Fractions
Set Design for "Pilgrims of Plymouth"

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