Suggested Titles for Song Materials

A list of MENC recommended books for children's music.
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Updated on: May 21, 2001
Suggested Titles of Song Materials

Azinyah, Abraham Kobena, Dumisani Maraire, and Judith CookTucker. Let Your Voice Be Heard! Songs from Glwna and Zimbabwe.Danbury, CT: World Music Press, 1986.

Bacon, Denise (arr.). Twenty-Four Favorite Nursery and Folk Songs.Wellesley, MA: Kodaly Center of America, 1993.

Burton, Leon, and William Hughes. Music Play: Learning Activitiesfor Young Children. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley PublishingCompany, 1979.

De Cesare, Ruth. Myth, Music and Dance of the American Indian: ATeacher's Resource Book. Van Nuys, CA: Alfred Publishing, 1988.

East, Helen (comp.). The Singing Sack: 28 Song Stories from Aroundthe World. London; A & C Black, 1989.

Eisenstein, Judith. Heritage of Music: The Music of the Jewish People.New York: Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1972.

Erdei, Peter (ed.). American Songs to Sing, Read and Play, vols. I and2. New York: Boosey & Hawkes, 1992.

Favorite Songs of Japanese Children. Collected and translated byHanako Fukuda. Van Nuys, CA; Alfred Publishing Company.

Folksongs from Africa. Selected and arranged by Malcolm Floyd.London, England: Faber Music, 1991.

From Rice Paddies and Temple Yards: Traditional Music of Vietnam.Directed by Phong Thuyet Hguyen. Danbury, CT; World MusicPress, 1990.

Go In and Out the Window: An Illustrated Songbook for Young People.Edited and arranged by Dan Fox. New York: MetropolitanMuseum of Art, 1987.

The Griot Sings. Songs from the Black World. Collected and adapted byEdna Smith Edet. New York: Medgar Evers College Press, 1978.

Hart, Jane (ed.). Singing Bee! Collection of Favorite Children's Songs.New York: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Books, 1989.

Kiester, Gloria J. Songs of India: Traditional Children's Folk Songs. St.Louis, MO: MMB Music, 1988.

Knowles, Faith. You Start! Rounds My Mother Taught Me. WellesleyMA: Kodaly Center of America, 1994.

Nichol, Doug. I'd Like to Rollerskate on the Moon. Buffalo, NY: TometicAssociates, Ltd., 1995.

Silverstein, Shel. A Light in the Attic. New York: Harper & Row, 1981.


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