Start the Music Strategies: Appendix

A list of resources for music teachers of young children.
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Start the Music Strategies: Appendix

MENC’s Early Childhood Publications

Charlie Horse Instrument Posters. #5006
Designing Music Environments for Early Childhood. ISBN 1-56545-131-7.#1089
Early Childhood Creative Arts. ISBN 0-88314-522-7. #1611
Music in Prekindergarten: Planning and Teaching. ISBN 1-56545-017-5#1031
Orff Re-Echoes. #1301
Orff Schulwerk: Brief History, Description, and Issues in Global Dispersal.#1300
Prekindergarten Music Education Standards (brochure). #4015
Promising Practices: Prekindergarten Music Education.ISBN 0-940796-64-3. #1498
Readings in Early Childhood Music Education. ISBN 1-56545-015-9. #1043
Sing! Move! Listen! Music and Young Children (video).ISBN 1-56545-024-8. #3081
SoundPlay: Understanding Music Through Creative Movement.ISBN 1-56545-130-9. #3003
Spotlight on Early Childhood Music Education. ISBN 1-56545-138-4. #1691
Strategies for Teaching Prekindergarten Music. ISBN 1-56545-083-3.#1644
TIPS: The Child Voice. ISBN 1-56545-105-8. #1101
TIPS: Music Activities in Early Childhood. ISBN 0-940796-76-7. #1097

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Credit card holders may call 1-800-828-0229.

All MENC publications – and a great deal of other resources – are listedon the MENC web site at

NAEYC’s Music Related Early Childhood Publications

Feeling Strong, Feeling Free: Movement Exploration for Young Children.#100
Follow Me Too: A Handbook of Movement Activities of 3-to-5-Year-Olds.#734
Learning Can Be Fun (video). #851
Music Across the Curriculum (video). #832
Music in Our Lives: The Early Years. #107
Music Play: Bah Bah Be-Bop (video). #810
Project Spectrum: Early Learning Activities. #720
Reaching Potentials: Transforming Early Childhood Curriculum and Assessment(Vol. 2). #227
Teaching in the Key of Life. M.B. Chenfeld. #315

For complete ordering information on these and other NAEYC publications,contact:

National Association for the Education of Young Children
1509 16th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20036-1426
Credit card holders may call 1-800-424-2460 x2001.


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