Dynamics and Timbre of "Amani Utupe"


  • Students will perform with appropriate dynamics and timbre the accompaniment to a song from their repertoire using non-pitched percussion instruments.


  • Copies of "Amani Utupe"
  • Variety of non-pitched percussion instruments


  1. Have students sing the selected song.
  2. Review the concept of beat, and have students clap the beat as they sing the song. Clap the rhythm patterns of the song and have students echo them.
  3. Present simple ostinatos for the song, aurally or with notation, depending on the level of the group.
  4. Ask the students to read and clap (or echo) the ostinatos.
  5. Have students discuss possible timbres for the different accompaniment patterns. Then distribute the instruments to students.
  6. Rehearse the ostinatos, adding a dynamics scheme for phrases that are identical.
  7. Have students perform the song. After a successful performance, have the students switch parts, switch between singing and playing, or both.

This lesson plan is found in the MENC Publication Strategies for Teaching Elementary and Middle-Level Chorus. This publication is available for purchase at 1-800-828-0229 or online at www.menc.org.

Provided in partnership with NAfME
Students will perform with appropriate musical dynamics and accompany the music using non-pitched percussion instruments.
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