Wood-Hoopoe Willie Activity

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In this activity, students make instruments out of common objects and use them to perform an African melody or popular song as a class. Use this activity to enhance and extend students' enjoyment of Wood-Hoopoe Willie.

Excerpted from

Wood-Hoopoe Willie
Wood-Hoopoe Willie
Virginia Kroll

This wonderful tale is about Willie—a boy who taps, drums or thumps to express the music he feels inside. Willie dreams of playing the African instruments of his ancestors that his Grandpa describes: guedras, ecasas, atumpan and dundun drums. Readers will be captivated by Willie's spirit and will delight in his success. Wood-Hoopoe Willie will not only entertain, but enrich readers with the beauty of a culture. Katherine Roundtree's exquisite illustrations add tremendous warmth to this story.

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