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Bring some music into your classroom with lessons and printables! Celebrate Music in Our Schools Month in March or enjoy music on a regular basis with your students. We have multicultural activities incorporating Mexican, Native American, Chinese, and South American music into your curriculum; you'll find printable instructions for building musical instruments; they'll learn the history of musical genres like Rock 'n' Roll and Jazz with detailed references; and of course, there are lyrics of plenty of songs for you and your class to sing and enjoy!

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    Old MacDonald Singing Activity

    There are many animals on Otis's farm. Sing Old MacDonald to familiarize children with the barnyard ... read more

    Leave Your Sleep Teacher's Guide

    Leave Your Sleep is a collection of classic children's poetry set to music by Natalie Merchant and i... read more

    African Drums Craft & Reading Activity

    Connect music and reading with this craft project. Students will build African hand drums, then use ... read more

    Singing Bingo

    Connect music and literature through this activity. Children sing a song about a dog named Bingo. Th... read more

    Teacher's Guide to The Phantom of the Opera

    Introduce the themes, characters, and historical context of Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera... read more

    Sheet Music for The Three Little Kittens

    Preschoolers will delight in singing along to Jerry Pinkney's The Three Little Kittens. This nursery... read more

    Follow the Moon Teaching Ideas

    Celebrate nature with these lesson-planning resources and activities for Follow the Moon book and CD... read more

    The Composer Is Dead Teacher's Guide

    Introduce children to classical music through the engaging and entertaining murder mystery The Compo... read more

    Diva Reading Guide

    Examine relationships, attitudes about food, and what it means to be a diva through the discussion q... read more

    Australian Musicians

    Review Australian musicians with this matching activity. Students will match each song listed in this worksheet with its famous Australian singer. read more

    Australia's National Anthem

    How well do you know Australia's national anthem? In this worksheet, students will answer questions ... read more

    "My Garden Song"

    Sing this song to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to teach young children about plants and gardening. read more

    God Save the Queen

    Test your pupils knowledge of patriotic songs. They will fill in the missing lyrics to the English national anthem in this printable activity. read more

    Reggae - True or False

    This true or false worksheet will test your pupils' knowledge of reggae, a genre of music that origi... read more

    Jazz Instruments

    Identify the five jazz instruments pictured in this music worksheet by their name and instrument family. read more

    Folk Music

    Introduce students to folk music through this song-writing exercise. In this activity, they will rea... read more

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