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Puzzles and crossword puzzles have been entertaining — and educating — young and old alike for generations! There are plenty of ways to include puzzles into your curriculum, especially crossword puzzles. They'll keep your students engaged and interested in learning new concepts. We have plenty of puzzles for you to use. Here, you can find puzzles appropriate for elementary, middle, or high school students. We've also provided science, social studies, and language arts crosswords to enrich and extend your classroom curriculum. Prepare yourself for plenty of fun!

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    Let's Play "The Conductor Says!"

    In this version of Simon Says, the Conductor is in charge. Use this game to help young children prac... read more


    Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree

    Print this fun Christmas game to play with your students! Hang the picture of the tree (page 1) on t... read more


    Pin the Hat on the Pilgrim

    Looking for a fun Thanksgiving game to play with your students? Hang the picture of the pilgrim (pag... read more


    Pin the Feathers on the Turkey

    Print this fun Thanksgiving game to play with your students! Hang the picture of the turkey (page 1)... read more


    Cosmic Jargon: Galactic Hot Dogs Chapters #1-4

    Some of the vocabulary used in the Galactic Hot Dogs series chapters 1-4 may be new to your students... read more


    Galactic Hot Dogs Teaching Guide: Episodes 1-4

    Get ready to go on a cosmic adventure with the crew of Galactic Hot Dogs! This online comic, publish... read more


    Encyclopedia Brown Activity Kit

    Celebrate 50 years of adventure with games and printables featuring detective Leroy Brown, a.k.a Enc... read more


    Poptropica Teaching Guide: Time Tangled Island

    This teaching guide to Poptropica's Time Tangled Island will help kids discover famous inventors, po... read more


    Poptropica Teaching Guide: Mythology Island

    This guide to Mythology Island will help kids discover Greek mythology as they explore Mount Olympu... read more


    Max & Ruby Spring Word Scramble

    In this printable, children help Max and Ruby unscramble words for a burst of springtime fun. Answer... read more


    The Twits Word Scramble

    The Twits have scrambled words from the titles of their favorite Roald Dahl books. How many words can your students unscramble? read more


    'Ology Activity Sheets

    This packet of worksheets includes fun activities about ancient Egypt, Greek mythology, dragons, pir... read more


    Spoonerisms Activity

    Pupils will learn about Spoonerisms, instances in speech when the initial letters or syllables of wo... read more


    Skills Quiz

    This printable quiz tests pupils on their knowledge of the rules and history of football, one of th... read more

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