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Puzzles and crossword puzzles have been entertaining — and educating — young and old alike for generations! There are plenty of ways to include puzzles into your curriculum, especially crossword puzzles. They'll keep your students engaged and interested in learning new concepts. We have plenty of puzzles for you to use. Here, you can find puzzles appropriate for elementary, middle, or high school students. We've also provided science, social studies, and language arts crosswords to enrich and extend your classroom curriculum. Prepare yourself for plenty of fun!

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The Polar Express Maze

Help the boy from The Polar Express navigate this maze to find his silver b... read more


Let's Play "The Conductor Says!"

In this version of Simon Says, the Conductor is in charge. Use this game to... read more


Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree

Print this fun Christmas game to play with your students! Hang the picture ... read more


Pin the Hat on the Pilgrim

Looking for a fun Thanksgiving game to play with your students? Hang the pi... read more


Pin the Feathers on the Turkey

Print this fun Thanksgiving game to play with your students! Hang the pictu... read more


Encyclopedia Brown Activity Kit

Celebrate 50 years of adventure with games and printables featuring detecti... read more


Max & Ruby Spring Word Scramble

In this printable, children help Max and Ruby unscramble words for a burst ... read more


The Twits Word Scramble

The Twits have scrambled words from the titles of their favorite Roald Dahl... read more


Gobblefunk Word Puzzle

Inspire students to invent their own Gobblefunk by playing with words in th... read more


'Ology Activity Sheets

This packet of worksheets includes fun activities about ancient Egypt, Gree... read more


Spoonerisms Activity

Pupils will learn about Spoonerisms, instances in speech when the initial l... read more


Skills Quiz

This printable quiz tests pupils on their knowledge of the rules and histo... read more


Battles of World War I

Pupils review the major battles of World War I in this printable word searc... read more

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