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Keep your students engaged, excited, and eager to learn with these math center ideas. They can be used week after week, and the concepts can be swapped easily and with minimal preparation for year-round enrichment.

These 3rd grade math activities are great for setting up your math stations with fun, hands-on activities, allowing you time for targeted intervention with smaller groups. Consider trying these crowd-pleasers to keep your students’ minds engaged, and their hands and bodies busy!

Choose from Math Center Ideas Like:

Interactive Multiplication

Place a bucket of ones blocks at the center. Write different multiplication expressions on index cards. Students pull one card at a time and make the array on the desk in front of them match what their card says.

Greatest to Least Strips

Using sentence strips, label 3-5 4-digit numbers(or less based on student need) on each strip. Place the strips in a basket or box, and have students pull them out one at a time. Using an erasable whiteboard, students should practice putting these numbers in order from greatest to least.

Gummy Worm Measurement

Grab a pack of gummy worms and get to work! Carefully, trim 10 worms to varying lengths. Place a centimeter and inch ruler at each station. Place each worm on a labeled index card. Using their math journal, students must measure each worm to the unit of measurement you direct them to (nearest inch, half an inch, quarter inch, half a centimeter, etc.)
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