Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins tells the story of an American Indian girl stranded on an island, alone, for 18 years. This literature guide for the Newbery Award winner will excite students to keep reading from cover to cover. Our resources will help teachers to extend the book.
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Updated on: February 9, 2001
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Books by Scott O'Dell

Grade Levels: Intermediate, Middle
Sponge fishing is a way of life for the men in Alexandra's family. Her desire to fish leads her to danger and difficult times.

The Black Pearl
Newbery Honor Award Winner
Grade Levels: Intermediate, Middle
This Newbery Honor book tells of Ramon's quest for a mythic pearl. He experiences the pangs of growing up while searching for these rare treasures.

Black Star, Bright Dawn
Grade Levels: Intermediate, Middle
Bright Dawn, an Alaskan Eskimo, runs in the Iditarod. She faces remarkable challenges while competing in the famous dogsled race.

The Captive
Grade Levels: Intermediate, Middle
A Jesuit seminarian is witness to cruelty toward the Mayan people while he is part of a Spanish expedition.

Grade Levels: Intermediate, Middle
Carlota strives to please her father after her brother's death. At 16 she races her stallion, dives for gold in shark-infested waters, and fights in the Mexican-American War. Yet her biggest struggle is to get her father to accept her for who she is.

My Name Is Not Angelica
Grade Levels: Intermediate, Middle
This is the tale of a group of Africans enslaved in the Danish West Indies who ultimately lead the great slave revolt of 1733.

Sing Down the Moon
Newbery Honor Award Winner
Grade Levels: Intermediate, Middle
The Navajos' forced march from their homeland to Fort Sumner is told by a young squaw named Bright Morning.

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains
Grade Levels: Intermediate, Middle
Seen through the eyes of Chief Joseph's daughter, Sound of Running Feet, O'Dell's last novel recounts the tragic journey of the Ne-mee-poo (Nez Perce) from their Oregon home to the Lapwai Reservation in Idaho.

Grade Levels: Intermediate, Middle
Zia is a young Indian girl caught between the traditional world of her tribe and the world of the mission in which she lives. She is helped by her Aunt Karana, whose story is told in Island of the Blue Dolphins.

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