The Human Body: Disease & Wellness Printables Slideshow

Take a look inside our printable book "Human Body: Disease & Wellness (Grades K-5)," with this sneak peek slideshow. With this slideshow, you'll see some of the many activities inside the book that will help your students learn about how illnesses and good health affect the body.
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Inform your students about the major health issue of the 80s: AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). Use the reading passage in this printable to raise students' awareness of HIV/AIDS.
Distribute a reading selection and an assignment on the causes of the increased prevalence of asthma.
This printable reading warm-up includes a nonfiction passage about germs and reading comprehension questions. Use this informational text to introduce health and wellness topics to elementary school children.
Explore late eighteenth-century life in America with the discussion topics and cross-curricular activities in this teacher's guide for Fever 1793. Students will learn about the yellow fever epidemic, the Free African Society, and life after the American Revolution.
If you were planning a trip to the Arctic, what precautions might you take to protect yourself from frostbite? What extra first aid items might you want to consider taking along to prevent and treat frostbite? Explain the purpose of each of these items.
Try to find the hospital-related vocabulary in this word search.
White settlers brought the measles with them to North America, where the disease devastated Native Americans. This printable includes a reading passage and immunization activity.
If you enjoyed this slideshow, you'll love what you'll find in printable book! There are many more activities about the human body inside. The book is only available to subscribers, so to see more sign up for a free-trial membership today!
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