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    Once Discussion Guide

    Study the Holocaust through literature. These chapter-by-chapter discussion questions for Once by Mo... read more

    Annexed Discussion Guide

    Educate students about the Holocaust with this teacher's guide to Annexed, a story about the boy who... read more

    Night Teacher's Guide

    Night is Elie Wiesel's masterpiece — a candid, horrific, and deeply saddening autobiographical accou... read more

    Seedfolks Teacher's Guide

    Examine the themes and characters in Newbery Medalist Paul Fleischman's Seedfolks, a series of first... read more

    Treaty of Versailles

    Teach pupils about the five major peace treaties that ended World War I with this printable activity... read more

    Resolving Conflicts

    Use this worksheet to teach children about conflict resolution and problem solving. Children will wr... read more

    WWII Printables Slideshow

    These lessons and activities will help expand your students' understanding of World War II and the h... read more


    Students read a short history of the Holocaust and then share their responses. read more

    The Holocaust

    Students read an overview of the Holocaust, and explore the related activities to enhance their understanding. read more


    Learn about Mohandas Gandhi's life and accomplishments, and then explore the related activities. read more

    Holocaust Facts and Figures

    In this printable, students complete mathematical word problems while learning facts about the Holoc... read more

    Nuremberg Law

    Teach your students about the history behind the Holocaust with this activity about the German Nuremberg Law of 1935. read more

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