Cumulative AIDS Cases in the United States

Statistics on AIDS cases in the United States.
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Cumulative AIDS Cases in the United States

The estimated number of diagnoses of AIDS through 2002 in the United States is 886,575. Adult and adolescent AIDS cases totaled 877,275, with 718,002 cases in males and 159,271 cases in females. Through the same time period, 9,300 AIDS cases were estimated in children under age 13.

Estimated number of deaths of persons with AIDS is 501,669, including 496,354 adults and adolescents, and 5,315 children under age 15.

Cumulative Cases by Age in the United States

Of the estimated number of diagnoses of AIDS through December 2002, patients' ages at time of diagnosis are distributed as follows:

Age # of Cumulative AIDS Cases
Under 13 9,300
Ages 13 to 14 839
Ages 15 to 24 35,460
Ages 25 to 34 301,278
Ages 35 to 44 347,860
Ages 45 to 54 138,386
Ages 55 to 64 40,584
Ages 65 and older 12,868

Cumulative Cases by Race/Ethnicity in the United States

Estimated numbers of diagnoses of AIDS through December 2002, by race or ethnicity, are as follows:

Race or Ethnicity # of Cumulative AIDS Cases
White, not Hispanic 364,458
Black, not Hispanic 347,491
Hispanic 163,940
Asian/Pacific Islander 6,924
American Indian/Alaska Native 2,875
Unknown or multiple race 887

Cases by Exposure Category in the United States

Following is the distribution of the estimated number of diagnoses of AIDS among adults and adolescents by exposure category. A breakdown by sex is provided where appropriate.

Exposure Category Male Female Total
Male-to-male sexual contact 420,790 - 420,790
Injection Drug Use 172,351 67,917 240,268
Male-to-male sexual contact and injection drug use 59,719 - 59,719
Heterosexual contact 50,793 84,835 135,628
Other * 14,350 6,519 20,869
* Includes hemophilia, blood transfusion, perinatal,
and risk not reported or not identified.

The distribution of the estimated number of diagnoses of AIDS among children* by exposure categories follows:

Exposure Category # of AIDS Cases
Hemophilia/coagulation disorder 236
Mother with or at risk for HIV infection 8,629
Receipt of blood transfusion, blood components, or tissue 390
Other/risk not reported or identified 45

* The term "children" refers to persons under age 13 at the time of diagnosis.

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