Dinosaur Quiz

Administer a quiz that tests your students' knowledge of dinosaurs.
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Updated on: February 8, 2001
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Dinosaur Quiz

Question 1: What is the largest animal to have lived on earth?
  1. Supersaurus
  2. Blue whale
  3. Wooly mammoth

Question 2: When did dinosaurs go extinct?

  1. 15,000 years ago
  2. 65 million years ago
  3. 1 billion years ago

Question 3: Which of these is not a dinosaur?

  1. Apatosaurus
  2. Pterodactyl
  3. Megalosaurus

Question 4: Which dinosaur family was the smartest?

  1. Dromaeosaurids
  2. Oviraptors
  3. Tyrannosaurids

Question 5: Who first coined the term dinosauria?

  1. Joseph Leidy
  2. Charles Darwin
  3. Sir Richard Owen

Question 6: What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?

  1. an asteroid hitting the earth
  2. a virus
  3. man

Question 7: During what period did Tyrannosaurus rex live?

  1. Cretaceous
  2. Triassic
  3. Jurassic

Question 8: Which one of these dinosaurs was most like a rhinoceros?

  1. Saltopus
  2. Stegosaurus
  3. Triceratops

Question 9: What was the largest dinosaur?

  1. Supersaurus
  2. Tyrannosaurus rex
  3. Utahraptor

Question 10: What color were dinosaurs?

  1. Grey
  2. Brown
  3. Unknown

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