Baseball in the Classroom - Teacher Resources

America's favorite pastime can provide a framework for teaching students a variety of concepts. Whether you are studying history, social studies, math, or literature, we have baseball-related resources to engage your students. You'll find lesson plans about baseball, biographies of famous baseball players, and sports printables, activities, worksheets, and more.

Lesson Plans

Baseball is a popular sport that can be used to teach engaging lessons in the classroom such as summarizing a baseball story, using physics science skills, and demonstrating creativity by inventing new games.

Baseball Biographies

Research will be fun and students will want to read more literature when you incorporate these biographies and resources on baseball into your lessons.

Baseball and Math

Math activities are fun when baseball is connected to them. Choose from our resources such as word problems and averaging numbers using baseball statistics, completing a Funbrain baseball puzzle, and many baseball-related activities from a printable book.

Other Sports Resources

Use our list of sports-related resources to choose activities for lessons in your classroom and expand students' learning.

Baseball and History

Teach students engaging lessons about the history of baseball through stories which include reading prompts, connections to core subjects, and post reading activities as well as printable activities about famous baseball players and baseball parks.

Baseball Literature

Engaged students will be wanting to read more books and write poetry when your lessons incorporate these baseball-related resources and activities.

Baseball and Social Studies

Choose from these resources to enhance students' learning with engaging lessons including biographies on people such as Jackie Robinson.

Recommended Baseball in the Classroom Resources

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