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Prepare your class for your absence with our substitute teacher printables and references. Use these classroom management resources to provide substitutes with emergency contact information, directions, and a daily schedule. Our lesson planning kits provide great icebreakers for substitutes and plenty of fun, educational activities for elementary and intermediate students. Feedback forms will help you gather important information about a substitute's experience in your classroom.

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    Substitute Teacher Feedback Form

    This blank, customizable form encourages a substitute teacher's feedback about your students by prov... read more


    Substitute Teacher's Survival Kit

    This customizable printable is designed to make basic classroom information and directions available... read more


    Substitute Teacher's Quick Reference

    Access a quick reference of daily subject and lesson plan information for substitute teachers with t... read more


    Substitute Teacher Information

    Filling in these sheets will provide your substitutes with the necessary information to run your cla... read more

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