Where Students Can Publish

If you are interested in having your students' writing published, send their work to the publications in this list.
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If you are interested in having your students' writing published, they can send their work to some of the publications listed below. Always enclose a stamped, self-addressed return envelope when sending material to any publication. Good luck!


1440 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 510
Washington, DC 20005
This news service is reported by kids age 13 and under. The twice-weekly column is distributed by UPI to 2,500 newspapers around the world. Write for information.

Cobblestone & Cricket
20 Grove St.
Peterborough, N.H. 03458
Publishes a variety of material; however, write to them first to ask for guidelines and upcoming themes.

Creative Kids, GCT
P.O. Box 8813
Waco, Tex. 76714
Gives children an opportunity to publish their work.

Jack and Jill
P.O. Box 567
Indianapolis, Ind. 46206
Publishes stories, poems, riddles, and jokes written by students in grades two through six.

Just About Me (JAM)
Ensio Industries
247 Marlee Ave., Suite 206
Toronto, Ont., Canada M6B 4B8
Publishes both fiction and poetry written by girls from age 12 to 19.

Stone Soup, The Magazine by Young Writers and Artists
Box 83
Santa Cruz, Calif. 95063
Publishes stories, plays, poems, and book reviews by children under 14.

Writing, General Learning Corp.
60 Revere Dr.
Northbrook, Ill. 60062
Seeks feature stories by junior-high-school students.

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