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World War I Teacher Resources

New technologies enabled the world to skirmish on a larger scale than ever before during World War I (1914-1918). Use our printables, lessons, and references below to teach your class about the people, places, and events of World War I. Students can explore 1910s war propaganda, read about the Lusitania, and discover the origins of Veterans Day with these activities. You'll also find patriotic songs, research ideas, and poetry lessons to incorporate across your curriculum.


Fourteen Points Writing Exercise
The Roaring Twenties
Battles of World War I
Stay Where You Are & Then Leave Teacher's Guide
The Lusitania
Discussion Guide for War Is...
The Battle of Vimy Ridge
Canadian Heroes: Billy Bishop
War Is... Author Notes
Vladimir Lenin Word Search

Lesson Plans

World War I: People, Places, and Events
WWI Propaganda
The History & Poetry of "In Flanders Fields"
Veterans Day Newspaper
What Is Veterans Day?


Battles That Changed History
Animals in Uniform
U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor
U.S. Casualties in the Major Wars
The Tea Pot Dome Scandal
Veterans of U.S. Wars and Their Dependents

World War I Language Arts Activities

"In Flanders Fields"
Veterans Day Comprehension Questions
Wilfred Owen Biography
John Simpson Kirkpatrick
More WWI Language Arts Activities

World War I Social Studies Resources

Veterans Day Videos & Activities
Chronology of Conscription in the U.S. -- Colonial Era to 1999
Flag Facts
Treaty of Versailles
Remembrance Day Quiz
European Peace Treaties Worksheet
Weapons of War
More WWI Social Studies Resources

1910s Resources

The Unsinkable Titanic
History of Father's Day
'Teens Overview: 1910s
Labor Reform: 1910s
The Black Sox
Jim Thorpe, Olympic Athlete
What's New: 1910s
More 1910s Resources

Veterans Day Resources

50 Stars and 13 Stripes
The Story of "The Star-Spangled Banner"
Patriotic Book
Patriotic Hat
United States Flag Bulletin Board Example
Symbols of the United States
Patriotic Songs
More Veterans Day – Teacher Resources

Memorial Day Resources

American Flag (in color)
The Pledge of Allegiance
Citizenship Word Search
Memorial Day Videos & Activities
Blank American Flag
Star Design
Egg Carton Uncle Sam
More Memorial Day Teacher Resources

World War I Related Resources

Dealing with War in the Classroom
Flag Day – Teacher Resources
International Day of Peace – Teacher Resources
Patriotic Art Activities
Twentieth Century – Teacher Resources
World War II Teacher Resources

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