Winter Weather Reading, Math, and Mapping Activity

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This winter themed activity packet for upper elementary or lower middle grades is perfect for helping students apply the reading comprehension, math, and mapping skills they have been working on while giving them a chance to learn about severe winter weather.

Students will learn about the "Great White Hurricane," the blizzard that crippled the Northeastern United States for weeks in March 1888. They'll use a short informational text to complete a comprehension word search, use data from the reading passage to graph snowfall totals, transfer that data onto a map, and research local snowfall totals for comaprison.

This cross-curricular packet is perfect as a supplement to a unit on winter weather, as an early finisher or extension activity, or as a winter break take-home project.

What's Included:

  • Teaching instructions with notes on materials, prep time, independent work, and modeling
  • An informational text reading passage on the Great Blizzard of 1888, plus supplemental reading on how snow forms
  • Step-by-step student instructions and worksheets for completing graphing, research, and mapping activities
  • A blank bar graph chart with pre-labeled X and Y axes for the graphing activity
  • A blank map of the Northeastern United States for the mapping activity

Featured Activities:

  • Reading Comprehension: Read about the "Great White Hurricane," the Blizzard of 1888 that crippled the Northeastern United States for weeks, and then complete a comprehension word search.
  • Graphing Activity: Using data from the reading passage, graph the Blizzard of 1888 snowfall totals on a bar graph from lowest to highest, then research local snowfall records and add them to the graph.
  • Mapping Activity: Using Google Maps, a wall map, or another type of map, locate the cities referenced in the reading passage, label them on the blank map (included), and transfer snowfall data to the map locations using a map key and legend.
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