Vocabulary Building Activities and Templates Kit

Vocabulary Building Activities and Templates
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A handy, ready-to-use set of templates for vocabulary-building activities

Increasingly, schools are aiming to reduce learning loss and close the attainment gap with directed vocabulary instruction. This teaching kit includes templates and teaching ideas with a variety of vocabulary teaching strategies to encourage students to have fun, be curious and explore new vocabulary confidently!

What's Included In This Teaching Kit

For the teacher:
  • 13 templates to support vocabulary development – vocabulary teaching activities to encourage students to engage meaningfully with words and reduce the word gap
  • Templates include a Frayer diagram, vocab wheel, a word frame and a knowledge organizer
  • Accompanying teaching ideas with a range of vocabulary teaching techniques both for independent work and collaboration in groups
  • Suggestions for using the templates as display materials in the classroom

For the student:

  • Fun approaches to learning and using new vocabulary confidently
  • Opportunities to work collaboratively and have fun while learning new vocabulary
  • Proven techniques for improving vocabulary and narrowing the word gap

What You'll Find Inside

Vocabulary Activities and Templates

  • Frayer Model Teaching Ideas
  • Frayer Model Templates (full and simplified versions)
  • Vocab Wheel Teaching Ideas
  • Vocab Wheel Template
  • Hexagon Reveal Teaching Ideas
  • Hexagon Reveal Template
  • Word Banner Teaching Ideas
  • Word Banner Template
  • Word Frame Teaching Ideas
  • Word Frame Template
  • Word Bookmark Teaching Ideas
  • Word Bookmark Template
  • Word Dice Teaching Ideas
  • Word Dice Template
  • Word Jigsaw Teaching Ideas
  • Word Jigsaw Template
  • Graphic Organizer Teaching Ideas
  • Graphic Organizer Template
  • Vocab Zones Teaching Ideas
  • Vocab Zones Template
  • Oyster Teaching Ideas
  • Oyster Template
  • Shape-Linking Teaching Ideas
  • Shape-Linking Template
  • Vocab Spinner Teaching Ideas
  • Vocab Spinner Template
  • Vocabulary Building Activities and Templates

    Vocabulary Building Activities and Templates

    Vocabulary Building Activities and Templates

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