Valentine’s Day Art Projects for Middle School

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Love will soon be in the air. Whether you’re a middle school art teacher looking for some new Valentine’s Day-themed projects for your art lessons, or a classroom teacher wanting to link some heart art to math, reading, or other subject areas; look no further. You’re sure to fall for these 10 awesome art projects!

This packet of valentine art projects is sure to encourage creativity this Valentine’s Day. Students will be inspired by artists like Kandinsky, experiment with watercolors, explore light and shadow, or get really “hands-on” with some optical art. The step-by-step instructions for students and printable templates in this packet mean that it’s easy to get started with these art activities.

Looking for more Valentine’s Day activities and printables? This Valentine’s Day choice board for middle school is great for cross-curricular activities, and early elementary students can get creative with Valentine's Day crafts and writing activities with this choice board for K-2.

What’s Included?

  • 10 valentine art projects suitable for grades 6 to 8
  • Step-by-step instructions for students
  • Printable worksheets and templates

Choose From Projects Like:

No-Sew Pillows

These no-sew pillows are a great Valentine’s Day craft project that doesn’t require any sewing skills or equipment. It’s also a great way to encourage students to recycle and reuse old fabric as they could use old clothing, shirts, tablecloths, and anything else they can find. Students can simply follow the instructions or watch the video tutorial to create their very own Valentine’s day heart pillow.

Textured Heart Paintings

This project is a great way to have students explore texture, light, and shadow with a fun Valentine’s Day theme. They can use paints and oil pastels to create contrasting colors that really pop against the black paper, and experiment with black and white oil pastels to create light and shadow on the heart shape.

Candy Heart Paintings

These yummy-looking hearts are a fun way to get students experimenting with observing and replicating color using tempera paints. You may wish to share some candy conversation hearts with your students for inspiration. Once students have created their candy heart paintings they could be used for Valentine’s Day-themed bulletin boards or encourage students to give them to someone they care about for Valentine’s Day.
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