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    First 10 U.S. Presidents Quiz

    Review facts about the first 10 U.S. presidents—from George Washington to John Tyler. This printable... read more


    Up Close: Theodore Roosevelt Discussion Guide

    Enrich student's understanding of Teddy Roosevelt's life and career with this discussion guide to a ... read more


    Up Close: Ronald Reagan Discussion Guide

    While reading the biography Up Close: Ronald Reagan by James B. Sutherland, use the questions in thi... read more


    First Ladies Quiz

    Using reference materials, the Internet, and their knowledge of American history, students will answ... read more

    Literature Guide

    Liberty Porter, First Daughter Teacher's Guide

    This printable literature guide for Liberty Porter, First Daughter includes activities and discussio... read more


    Biography of Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney is running against Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. Read up on his backgr... read more


    Biography of Barack Obama

    Barack Obama is running for re-election in the 2012 presidential campaign. Read up on his background... read more


    Mitt Romney

    Read a short biography of Mitt Romney, the 2012 republican presidential election nominee. Get your ... read more


    Rudy Giuliani

    Read a short biography of Rudy Giuliani, candidate for the 2008 republican presidential election nom... read more


    John McCain

    Read a short biography of John McCain, Republican candidate for the 2008 presidential election in th... read more


    John Edwards

    Read a short biography of John Edwards, candidate for the 2008 democratic presidential election nomi... read more


    Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Read a short biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton, candidate for the 2008 democratic presidential ele... read more


    Visit the White House via the Internet

    Students use the Internet to complete a scavenger hunt of the White House in this classroom computer... read more

    Slideshow Gallery

    Presidential Pets

    Learn about the fuzzy friends who have accompanied United States Presidents to the White House, from... read more


    Could You Be President?

    Have students use this worksheet to explore the requirements of being president. Then, learn about t... read more


    All About the Presidents Mini-Book

    This printable highlights facts about 11 U.S. presidents, including George Washington, Abraham Linco... read more


    The Letter

    Use this printable writing activity to focus on correctly indenting a letter. read more


    Blank Journal Page

    Use this blank page for journal writing in any subject or grade. Here is a printable list of journal topic ideas. read more

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