TeacherVision Talks: Self-Care for Educators Webinar Event - Day 1

TeacherVision Talks is a 3-day webinar event featuring talks from experienced classroom teachers, education thought leaders, and instructional coaches. 

For this series of on-demand webinars, TeacherVision’s self-care experts offer insights and tips in 3 key areas of teacher well-being: forming and maintaining healthy habits, balancing time, and mindfulness and stress management. Day 1 of the webinar series will focus on healthy habits with talks from health and life coach, Joanne Mello, and health coach, Nicola Von Bratt.

Read more about the speakers and watch the talks below. To find out more about the self-care webinar event, and the other webinars, visit the TeacherVision Talks page.

Energize Your Day with Healthy Habits

Join us, as Joanne explains how simple, healthy habits are the solution to having a great day. She explores how sugar and caffeine are hijacking your energy and the domino effect of your eating, sleeping, and stress habits. She also defines three key habits to give you more stamina and make you feel stronger all day.

Joanne Mello is a health and life coach who specializes in helping people develop habits for health.

The Science Behind Our Habits

Watch, as Nicola explores habits, how they are formed, and how we can change our routines to change our behaviors. She introduces a health check tool and a habit tracker to help develop an awareness of our habits and behaviors, and begin our journey toward better health and self-care.

Nicola Von Bratt is a health coach who helps clients change habits and behavior in the spheres of nutrition, movement, connectedness, self-care, and sleep.


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