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    NOW What Do You See?

    Students are asked to answer word problems using subtraction. They are encouraged to visualize the situations in order to help answer the question. read more

    Related Problems

    Students are given two story problems to solve. They must focus on keywords in order to determine which operation to use to find the answer. read more

    Give Me 20!

    Students are asked to find different number combinations to make 20, using either addition or subtra... read more

    YOU Solve It!

    This worksheet gives students practice solving a word problem from various approaches. It encourage them to write and solve their own problem. read more

    You Solve This One Too!

    In this worksheet, students explore different approaches to solving a word problem. They are also as... read more

    True or False?

    In this math worksheet, students practice addition and subtraction of number sentences. Students are... read more

    More Story Problems

    In this worksheet, students solve each word problem using addition and subtraction, then show their work to demonstrate how they solved it. read more

    Another Look at Tens

    Students count the number of blocks on the above mat, then subtract to find how many are needed to make a total of ten. read more

    Give Me 10!

    Students are given cards with values written on them. Then, they fill in the blank card with the value that makes 10. read more

    Draw 12 Dots in All

    With this worksheet, students count the existing number of dots to determine how many need to be drawn to reach the total of 12. read more

    Make the Total 10

    This worksheet has students add how many students there are in a bunch. Then they will use subtracti... read more

    How Many Apples?

    This worksheet allows students to use addition and subtraction to determine how many apples fell off the tree. read more

    How Many in the Bag?

    This worksheet allows students to use addition and subtraction to determine how many balls are inside and outside each bag. read more

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