Great Depression

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    Teacher Discussion Guide

    Beck Discussion Guide

    Use this discussion guide to integrate Mal Peet's young adult novel Beck in... read more


    Defining Economic Terms

    Pupils will enhance their knowledge of economics as they define each term u... read more


    Relief Camp Workers: "On to Ottawa" Trek

    Use these worksheet to teach students about the Great Depression. Children ... read more


    In-Depth: Three New Deal Programs

    Here's a look at three New Deal programs: the Civilian Conservation Corps, ... read more


    The New Deal

    Distribute a chart that details the New Deal programs.... read more


    Overview of the 1930s

    Distribute this overview of key events, people, and places from 1930 to 193... read more


    Black Tuesday

    Learn about the stock market crash that began on October 29, 1929, and then... read more


    New Deal Programs

    Study the programs that helped to get the United States through the Depress... read more

    Literature Guide

    A Year Down Yonder Curriculum Connections

    This list of suggestions will help you to integrate A Year Down Yonder with... read more


    Lessons from History

    Students visit a website of historical American events to help them identif... read more


    School Pictures

    Use this group activity when teaching the New Deal lesson plan.... read more


    A New Deal for the Arts - WPA Photographs

    Students will learn about the 1930s, especially school life during that tim... read more

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