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    Teacher Discussion Guide

    Breaking Stalin's Nose Discussion Guide

    Use literature to study the Soviet Union during Stalin's dictatorial regime... read more


    Red Scarf Girl Teacher's Guide

    Study a difficult time in Chinese history with this teacher's guide to Ji-l... read more


    Declare Yourself Teacher's Guide

    After reading the collection of nonpartisan essays in Declare Yourself, use... read more


    The Commonwealth Coat of Arms

    This fact sheet about the Australian coat of arms will help your students a... read more


    Australian Referendums

    Australia has only passed eight referendums in its history. Answer question... read more


    Australia's First Governors

    Learn about the history of governors in Australia with this research and wr... read more


    Indonesia – Country Profile

    Indonesia gained independence from the Dutch in 1945. Read this country pro... read more


    James IV of Scotland Quiz

    Pupils will learn about the life of King James IV of Scotland as they answe... read more


    Royal Families of Europe

    Pupils will learn about world history, from the Capets of France to the Win... read more


    UK Women's Suffrage Timeline

    Pupils will learn about women's rights as they research and note the date t... read more


    War of the Roses Quiz

    Use this printable quiz to review key facts about the War of the Roses with... read more


    The Gandhi Family

    The Gandhi family of India has formed a political dynasty. Pupils learn abo... read more


    Queen Elizabeth I Word Search

    Pupils will review famous figures of the Elizabethan Era and Queen Elizabet... read more


    Match the European Monarchs

    Match the European kings and queens with the years and countries they ruled... read more


    War of the Roses

    Teach war and royalty history with this worksheet. Pupils fill in the blank... read more


    Warsaw Pact

    Review the key dates, facts, and nations involved in the Warsaw Pact with t... read more


    The Great Exhibition

    Print out this worksheet and ask pupils to research and write about the Gre... read more


    Battle of Culloden

    Pupils will learn about the historic Battle of Culloden by taking this prin... read more


    Queen Elizabeth II Quiz

    Use this printable multiple choice quiz to test pupils about the life of Qu... read more