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    Once Discussion Guide

    Study the Holocaust through literature. These chapter-by-chapter discussion... read more


    Instant Expert: Ancient Greece

    Become an instant expert on ancient Greece. Find motivational mini-lessons ... read more


    Ancient Greece Quiz

    Culture, religion, and festivals – what do your students know about Ancient... read more

    Literature Guide

    The Odyssey Teacher's Guide

    An epic adventure poem from the beginning of Greek literature, The Odyssey ... read more

    Literature Guide

    The Iliad Teacher's Guide

    An epic adventure poem from the beginning of Greek literature, The Iliad ha... read more

    Teacher Discussion Guide

    Bloomability Reading Guide

    Spark discussion about the issues and topics in Sharon Creech's novel Bloom... read more


    Mythology Teacher's Guide

    Enrich your study of religions and ancient civilisations with discussion p... read more


    'Ology Activity Sheets

    This packet of worksheets includes fun activities about ancient Egypt, Gree... read more


    Siege of Leningrad

    In this worksheet, children will read, research, and write about the German... read more


    Battle of the Somme Quiz

    Use this printable quiz to review with your class the Battle of the Somme, ... read more


    Auld Alliance Essay

    Talk to your class about the Auld Alliance, a military, diplomatic, and eco... read more


    Blitz of London Quiz

    Have pupils research 1940's Blitz of London before they answer this printab... read more


    Saint's Days

    Answer questions about saint's days and how they are celebrated in Europe.... read more


    Franco-Prussian War Chronology

    Review with your pupils the major events in the Franco-Prussian War. Then, ... read more


    Joan of Arc Word Search

    Review key events in the life of Joan of Arc, particularly her role in the ... read more


    Major Cities and Rivers in Russia

    Expand your pupils' knowledge of world geography with this printable activi... read more


    European Day of Parks

    Pupils identify a park near their home and write a short essay about enviro... read more