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    Literature Guide

    Blue Birds Common Core Educator's Guide

    Teach students about Roanoke Island. Through historical fiction and extensi... read more


    Lewis & Clark Trading Post

    Lewis and Clark wanted to open up more of North America to trade. Trade was... read more


    History of Thanksgiving

    Learn how Thanksgiving became a national holiday. Each educational video on... read more


    20th-Century Explorers Word Power

    Students can practice social studies vocabulary relevant to 20th-century ex... read more


    Explorers of North America Word Power

    Students can practice social studies vocabulary relevant to North American ... read more


    Instant Expert: Explorers

    Become an instant expert on explorers. Find motivational mini-lessons and t... read more


    Women Adventurers Quiz

    Using reference materials, the Internet, and their knowledge of women's his... read more


    Jason's Gold Teacher's Guide

    Delve into the story of Jason's Gold, an adventure novel by Will Hobbs, and... read more


    Racial Discrimination Quiz

    Students will take a quiz about Australia's unfortunate history of racial d... read more


    First Fleet

    Students will write an essay imagining they traveled to Australia with the ... read more


    Australia Federation

    Students will review Australia's colonies before they became part of an ind... read more


    Stolen Generations

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd issued a formal apology to Indigenous Australians... read more

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